BunnyBrains 1988-2002
Discography Videos

BilgeDasto 001
The BunnyBrains
Live in the Midwest 2001
(Highlights From The Bunny Trauma Tour)

Filmed by Ali Bunny and Sunny Von Bunny. ©2002 BunnyBrains.

Thanks to WHPK Chicago and WCBN Ann Arbor.

VHS version unreleased
VCD version released Oct 25, 2002

Released on BilgeDasto


Dan Bunny - Vocals & Guitar
Bobby Bunny - Bass & Loops
Chandy Pinkeye - Guitar & Effects
Horlick Choi - Drums
La Persona - Vocals & Qchord


01. Live at the Fireside Bowl, Chicago

02. Live at the Gold Dollar, Detroit

03. Live at the University of Chicago

Total Running Length: 45 minutes


©2014 BunnyBrains/BilgeDasto