BunnyBrains 1988-2002

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Ultrabunny is the current band featuring BunnyBrains founders Bobby Bunny and Malcolm Tent.

Malcolm Tent's previous bands were Broken Talent, King Hatreds and BB Gun.

Bobby Bunny's previous bands were Invaders From Sears, Fish Fish and Beme Seed.

Freakbaby and Jet Jaguar were BunnyBrains co-founder Elisa Flynn's post-punk bands from Danbury, CT. Her current solo project is here.

Monsterland was Bunny alumus's Tom Monahan and Greg Vegas's indie rock band from the 90s.

Closet Full Of Fear was part time BunnyBrains sidemen Tom Monahan and Ernie Lattanzio's pioneering industrial band from the late 80s.

HED was a late 80s Danbury band featuring several members of the early BunnyBrains. Ernie Lattanzio, Jim Roberto, Chris Mitchell and Malcolm Tent.

Eddie O'Dowd, the very first BunnyBrains drummer, now plays drums in Genesis P. Orridge's Psychick TV 3.


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